• Scooder: The fakers, the self-absorbed narcissists, are really mucking up what was intended to make...
  • Sgt Joseph laFrance (US Army retired): I'm a disabled Iraq Veteran with my service dog "lucky" for PTSD and mobility I'm training...
  • Joseph: I never realized that animals could also benefit from chiropractic care. Makes sense I gu...
  • william duncan: I am preferably looking for a female basset hound but would like to pick one rather then h...

Howl-O-Ween Pet Safety Tips

Tips to ensure your pet has a howling good time this Halloween.

Dogs get lucky on new TV show

‘Lucky Doga new show on CBS, follows a dog trainer as he rescues, trains, and places 22 dogs in homes in 22 周.


明年索诺玛县的动物护理和控制董事周二大幅度降低在县收容所中丧生的动物的数量在几年内制定了一个雄心勃勃的目标, 主要通过方案,目的是在饲养动物的圣罗莎设施摆在首位. “不能损害控制后,你已经 […]

收养起来, euthanizations下来Petaluma的动物服务

在努力挽救工作,并保持质量庇护镇, Petaluma的外判动物控制和关怀非营利Petaluma的动物服务基金会, 前市避难所的工作人员和志愿者大多是由一组. 虽然在过渡期间,有初始的颠簸 - 主要分歧有关人事决定 - 改变一直是积极的.