Milo Foundation reopens after investigation

Apollo is a spitz mix available for adoption from the Milo Foundation in San Rafael.

Apollo is a spitz mix available for adoption from the Milo Foundation in San Rafael.

After a six week investigation, the Milo Foundation has reopened its storefront adoption center in San Rafael.

The Milo Foundation’s Marin adoption center was closed in mid-October. The closure of the San Rafael adoption center was the result of reported violations of the use permit. The inspectors say they found too many animals, poor sanitation, sick and injured animals with lack of medical care and expired medications during the inspection of the adoption center. The City of San Rafael had issued a use permit to the Milo Foundation for 10 dogs on site. When investigators raided the center on Fourth Street in San Rafael, they found 30 dogs, many of them sick and injured.

The adoption center reopened this past week and can stay open under its use permit that allows ten dogs at a time in the center. The center will also be subject to unannounced inspections by the agency responsible for humane inspections in the county, the Marin Humane Society’s Animal Care and Control division. The permit is good for six months and the issue must be revisited.

According to the Milo Foundation’s website, the restrictions will be adhered to, but not without objections.

“Not being allowed to have even a litter of newly arrived puppies under our roof will create incredible hardships, but MILO will not give up. We are up to the task, we have terrific volunteers on board.”

The adoption center on Fourth Street in San Rafael will have limited hours Thursday through Sundays.

Meanwhile, the Milo Foundation’s sanctuary in Mendocino County remains under investigation by the Humane Society of the United States and the Mendocino County Grand Jury.

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  1. michele thomas says:

    A neighbor in our area is fostering a black and white pit, we live in the Seascape Village Condos, Novato. The foster parents I feel need help in controlling the dog. She has already attached two small dogs, and the humane society is now involved. I don’t blame the dog at all, but these people need some kind of training on how to handle this type of breed.

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